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Meet Your

Omaha Roofers

Paul Cain
Managing Partner

Paul brings over 6 years of roofing experience. He enjoys hanging out with his 5 kids and crossfitting. He also enjoys crossfit. Did we mention he likes crossfit?

Keith Gregerson
Managing Partner

Keith is in every aspect of Absolute Roofing. He won our fictitious spelling bee contest (he was the only contestant) and has a love/hate relationship with Siri.

Nick Woodard
VP of Operations

Nick wears many hats in the company, but he is best known for supplementing insurance claims. Also, Nick was once a male nanny or “manny”.

Scotty Bruckner
Director of Quality Assurance

Scotty is out in the field ensuring that all roofing projects are running smoothly. He lives in the country and runs a chicken farm on the side.

Kristi Gregerson
Fulfillment Coordinator

Kristi works on ordering products to prepare for roofing installation projects, but is best known for proofreading all of Keith’s email for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Traci Reeves
Financial Controller

Traci is in charge of our finances and ensures we all get paid on time. She also ensures we never run out of mints, toilet paper, and Poo-pourri (in that order).

Michele Ruff
Office Manager

Michele manages the registration and permits for our company and helps facilitate new jobs. Since she’s the “nicest person in the office”, we only let her answer the phones.

Jason Kellogg
Project Manager

Jason is one of our project managers specializing in insurance claims for homeowners. He loves to travel and take those traveling selfies that are so popular.

Brandon Kahnk
Project Manager

Brandon is one of our project managers specializing in insurance claims for homeowners. He aspires to someday own a dog, purchase a home, and be married. Swipe right for Brandon.

Cam Vacek
Client Experience Coordinator

Cam is in charge of marketing, social media, and our client experience. She’s a self-proclaimed “foodie” and is constantly eating.

Absolute Roofing Mascot

Duke handles all of our insurance claims, attends conferences, and coordinates projects with homeowners. We’re just kidding! He’s a dog. He looks cute and loves unconditionally.

Roofing Contractors

You Can Trust

Not all roofing contractors are the same. When we started Absolute Roofing over 10 years ago, we knew that we couldn’t be just “another roofing company”. Integrity and transparency are the guiding principles of our company, but here’s how they play out:

  • We will never cut corners or use lower quality products in order to pocket extra money.
  • We’re thorough in our estimates and will always look for damage beyond the roof.
  • We’re honest and fair with both the homeowners and insurance companies.
  • We’re accountable to craftsmanship and safety. In fact, we have in-house full time staff responsible for those very things.

We want to be the roofing company that you gladly refer to your family and friends.

Now that you’ve met us, we’d like the chance to do the same. Fill out the form below and get started working with us!


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